This is a beautiful project taking especially vulnerable families (mainly single mothers) out of camps and into apartments not finished before the 2007 crash.

We worked alongside the Filoxenia team to refurbish flats to house families. Together we have built a community space, doctors clinic, shop and multi-use education room.

More recently we erected a Sun-Shade structure to keep provide relaxation space out of the summer heat.


This is an amazing community safe space next to Vasilika camp.

We have built a custom made shelving unit, along with decorating and the clearing of unsuitable structures, which become damaged during the harsh winter.


TruckShop Freedom of Choice – Free Social Store

Here we helped to furnish the Free Social Store that TruckShop established in mid-2017.






One Happy Family Medical Center

Between mid-October and mid-November we placed a floor, insulated, partitioned and plumbed the medical center run by DocMobile at the One Happy Family Social Center in Lesvos.

We also carried out other minor renovation works around the place.


Roof at the House of Humanity

We installed a roof over at Humans for Humanity’s community space.

The work benefits displaced person when using the space, and also improves the value of the land the Greek landlord.

Using funding in ways that allows the benefit of the work to reach also local communities is a value that we revere.


Loft insulation at the House of Humanity

We also insulated and draft-proofed the community space for the Humans for Humanity volunteers.

Again, in our hope that displaced persons are very soon no longer in need of such facilities, work that has longevity to it’s benefit, continuing after the crisis is over, is hugely important to us.

Refugee 4 Refugees Warehouse

We initially helped to prepare the distribution area at the start of December, which was then transferred to another warehouse.

That meant a second set was required, and a late-night project saw us working alongside Refugee Art Trail, salvaging pallets and spare materials.

Our presence in the warehouse is ongoing as of the New Year 2018, always ready to address their needs.